True Spirit: Tresor Compilation Vol. 10

This three cd-box was released to celebrate the tenth anniverary of the legendary Berlin based label and (now defunct) club Tresor in 2002. Classics and exclusive tracks by the likes of Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Maurizio, Drexciya, Blake Baxter, 3MB (aka Maurizio/Moritz von Owald and Thomas Fehlmann), Eddie Flashin' Fowlkes and Juan Atkins showcasing the label's trademark sound of slightly sinister machine funk noir. Go here for more information and a full tracklist.

Download CD 1
Download CD 2
Download CD 3


muse1453 said...

Wow, you've got a great run of posts going here.
Usually I wait until I've listened to the music to make a comment, but I know that this Tresor box set will be excellent. Looking forward to getting the Derrick May release and Blade Runner stks as well. I need to brush up on Mr. May anyway.
Thanks for your work and a job well done putting a lot of thought into your posts and selections. Have a better one.

square dancer said...

Thanks a lot for your comments and encouragement! It really means something to me, especially since your are one of the people who inspired me to do my own little thing here on the net!

nico said...

Appreciate your work a lot. Stumbled upon it by accident. It remains very hard to get a hold on this material on vinyl or cd even in the better stores.

Greetings from Belgium.

eda said...


Anonymous said...

THank YOU!!!

Heard some of this played at a party on NYE and was desperate to hear it again!


Anonymous said...