Galaxy 2 Galaxy - Galaxy 2 Galaxy

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The last part in my series of Detroit techno posts for the time being: Galaxy 2 Galaxy is the alias "Mad Mike" Banks uses when he finds himself in the mood for some lush cosmic grooves. This eponymous ep is an early Underground Resistance-release from 1993. Arguably more house than techno, these eight tracks represent the more ethereal side of Underground Resistance, completely forsaking the in your face-aggressivness the group and label are often associated with. Titles like Hi-Tech Jazz, Journey Of The Dragons, Star Sailing or Deep Space 9 (A Brother Runs This Ship) already give it away: this is a sublime piece of black sf, heavily inspired by the spaced out, trippy side of seventies electric jazz , fusion and jazz funk. Think Alice Coltrane's most medidative albums, some of Herbie Hancock's early seventies output, electric Miles at his most relaxed, very early Weather Report, Roy Ayers or Donald Byrd.

To my knowledge, this classic is currently not available. It was ripped from vinyl (thanks a lot to the original uploader, by the way!) and there's a bit of static to be heard at the beginning of each track, but to my ears the sound quality is very good. There's a full tracklist and some additional info right here on Discogs.


crybo said...

Ah Detroit Techno my first love.
Love the Galaxy 2 Galaxy album. It's been a while since I've heard Journey Of The Dragons. Love it.
One of the best nights I've ever had was with Underground Resistance at Club 69.
Good memories. I will be posting a few Detroit sounds myself so check it out and download the Basic Channel mix.

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Anonymous said...

great blog. I really liked the Gramm (jan jelinek) post. Do you think you could repost the Model 500/Galaxy 2 Galaxy records.


Paul Shanahan said...

Hi from Ireland.
Great blog. Very nice mix of styles. I'm very much enjoying the Detroit stuff. Here's a link to a Galaxy 2 Galaxy show recorded in Dublin, Ireland in 2005.
Check it out.
There's also lots of other downloads on the site.
Cheers for the tunes.

square dancer said...

Glad you like the blog, Paul, and thanks a lot for the link, that's a cool site!

eda said...