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Have to give the linkbar its long due overhaul in the next couple of days. Until then, here are some relatively newish blogs that I heartily recommend:

On Spreading The Word man like Crybo posts some of his fine and eclectic dj-mixes. Among other things there's a superb Basic Channel-mix, a sweet selection of old skool rave and techno (ah, nostalgia!) and what must be the awesomest wedding party-mix tape ever (just check that tracklist)! Also, be sure to get his classy unmixed compilation of Detroit style techno!

The 12inch record is still the most important medium for dance music. But unless you're a dj, promoter or journalist (or are in the fortunate position to have lots of money to spend on records), it's not that easy to keep up with the latest releases. Emusic World has a lot of recent vinyl rips, including Dominik Eulberg, Joey Beltram, Oliver Huntemann, Ellen Allien & Apparat and some releases on Richie Hawtin's label M_nus. Check out those Alter Ego remixes, they're amazing!

Power, Corruption & Lies is dedicated to out-of-print rave classics, which I think is a wonderful idea. Updates seem to be quite sporadic, but the selection so far is pretty good. Download that first Hardfloor album if you want to know what can be achieved with some Roland TB 303s.

Judging from the number of downloads of my grime and dubstep shares, I'd say that those genres are not exactly that most popular on the sharity blogosphere. Anyway, there's a Russian blog called Grime.ru (sic) keeping all the grime headz and dubsteppas happy with lots of mixtapes and 12inch rips.


Fripp/Eno - Evening Star

(Click on the picture to download.)

What a gorgeous record! It's much calmer than the first Fripp/Eno-collaboration No Pussyfooting, in fact it sounds much more eno-ish than fripp-ish to my ears. One track, Wind On Wind, is actually Eno solo and an basically a condensed version of the title track of Discreet Music (as son of icongneato kindly pointed out in the comments). The overall mood is languid and meditative, dissonance is for the most part kept to a minimum until the final 30 minute track An Index Of Metals. But even there the noise and guitar distortions have a rather calming and blissful effect.

Another BitTorrent find,
so thanks a ton to the original uploader calling him/herself (?) resistir!

Galaxy 2 Galaxy - Galaxy 2 Galaxy

(Click on the picture to download.)

The last part in my series of Detroit techno posts for the time being: Galaxy 2 Galaxy is the alias "Mad Mike" Banks uses when he finds himself in the mood for some lush cosmic grooves. This eponymous ep is an early Underground Resistance-release from 1993. Arguably more house than techno, these eight tracks represent the more ethereal side of Underground Resistance, completely forsaking the in your face-aggressivness the group and label are often associated with. Titles like Hi-Tech Jazz, Journey Of The Dragons, Star Sailing or Deep Space 9 (A Brother Runs This Ship) already give it away: this is a sublime piece of black sf, heavily inspired by the spaced out, trippy side of seventies electric jazz , fusion and jazz funk. Think Alice Coltrane's most medidative albums, some of Herbie Hancock's early seventies output, electric Miles at his most relaxed, very early Weather Report, Roy Ayers or Donald Byrd.

To my knowledge, this classic is currently not available. It was ripped from vinyl (thanks a lot to the original uploader, by the way!) and there's a bit of static to be heard at the beginning of each track, but to my ears the sound quality is very good. There's a full tracklist and some additional info right here on Discogs.



True Spirit: Tresor Compilation Vol. 10

This three cd-box was released to celebrate the tenth anniverary of the legendary Berlin based label and (now defunct) club Tresor in 2002. Classics and exclusive tracks by the likes of Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Maurizio, Drexciya, Blake Baxter, 3MB (aka Maurizio/Moritz von Owald and Thomas Fehlmann), Eddie Flashin' Fowlkes and Juan Atkins showcasing the label's trademark sound of slightly sinister machine funk noir. Go here for more information and a full tracklist.

Download CD 1
Download CD 2
Download CD 3