Alexander von Borsig - Hiroshima

(Click on the picture to download.)

Seriously lagging behind with fulfilling this request... Anyway, it was suggested that I put up some rips of complete releases by Neubauten-related bands and projects, so that's what the next couple of posts will be dedicated to.

Alexander Hacke - the hardest working man of Berlin's post-punk underground? As well as joining Einstürzende Neubauten at age fifteen in 1980, he was a member of Sentimentale Jugend, Sprung aus den Wolken, Mekanik Destruktiw Komandoh and P 1/E, released a slew of solo-works (mostly on cassette) as Alexander von Borsig and Borsigwerke and cropped up on releases by Mona Mur, Die Haut, Blässe, Christiana/Christiane F. or Crime & The City Solution.

This 12" was released on the short-lived, Hamburg-based label Supermax in 1982. Four tracks of astonishingly original and fully developed sounding noise/industrial experimentation, the highlights being the sad, scary and bizarrely gorgeous title track and Japanisch, a dub version of the song Japan, Japan by Hamburg art-punkers Abwärts (whose percussionist FM Einheit would also become a Neubauten member in 1983).


Stefano said...

Dear Sqaure Dancer,
i've heard the maxi single in a location called Aratta in Moers about 25 years ago and never made to buy the maxi single, probably because this was one of the small labels that pressed only a few copies.
Thanks again for posting it!

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