Populäre Mechanik - Scharfer Schnitt/Muster

(Click on the picture to download.)

Absolutely no info out there on this privately pressed 7" from 1981 that I nicked from Soulseek. What you get are two excellent tracks of proto-electronica, one in a sort of clunky, minimalist post-new wave stylee with distorted vocals delivering nonsensical lyrics (Scharfer Schnitt) and one in a sort of clunky, minimalist electro-dub stylee (Muster). Also, dig that very cool cover artwork.


Anonymous said...

I can't get this file to open. Is anyone else having this problem?

square dancer said...

Actually, no. Just dl'ed it myself and it opened just fine. Maybe try dl'ing it again?

Anonymous said...

i can't get this to work either. What program do you use for the extraction?
Great blog btw.

square dancer said...

I'm on a Mac, so I'm using Stuffit. Let me know wether you've been able to extract the file. If not I'll compress and upload it again.

Anonymous said...

i DL this file once and nothing was in the zip. so i DL again and still no file in the zip.
If you could re-up it i would luv to hear this.

oh, great blog by the way!!!

Anonymous said...

Very weird,
forget the last comment. i opened it with stuffit(windows) and the files were there.
I was using the winxp compress zip extractor thing, thanks MicroSuk!

square dancer said...

He-he :-) Thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

cool. I actually own this record - though I also know nothing about these guys except that the dub track "Scharfer Schnitt" translates to "Sharper Cut" from the german class I took in High School.

Anonymous said...


check the underground ndw post a little ways down.

explains all and a whole lot more to explore.

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Anonymous said...