Iannis Xenakis - Kraanerg, Music for Harpsichord and Musique Electro-Acoustique

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Xenakis composed this powerful ballet work for manipulated tapes and 23 musicians in 1969, inspired by the French student protests as well as the Prague Spring.

Alpha Centauri Ensemble

Roger Woodward, conductor

Recorded in 1988

Music for Harpsichord

All four pieces on this disc are great, but
A l’Ile de Gorée is a total killer. By turns chaotically violent and almost lyrical, it's simply one of the most intense affective expierences you can get from music. Like other works by Xenakis, it was inspired by historical and political events. In his own words: "The Isle of Gorée, off the coast of Dakar, was once a world slave market. This piece is a tribute to the black Africans who, torn by force from their homes on the way to appalling slavery, yet managed to win, in certain civilized countries to which they were transported, positions of first rank. It is also a tribute to the heroes and black victims of apartheid in South Africa, last bastion of hysterical racism."

1. Naama
Elisabeth Chojnacka, clavecin (harpsichord)

2. A l’Ile de Gorée

Elisabeth Chojnacka, clavecin

Ensemble Iannis Xenakis de Middelburg
Huub Kerstens, conductor

3. Khoaï

Elisabeth Chojnacka, clavecin

4. Komboï

Elisabeth Chojnacka, clavecin

Sylvio Gualda, percussion

Musique Electro-Acoustique

Two pieces from 1981 and 1989 respectively, realized with the help of the UPIC computer. UPIC (Unité Polyagogique Informatique du CEMAMu) is a machine that allows music to be composed by the act of drawing. Pour la Paix, a savage denouncement of war and nationalism, remained unreleased for almost twenty years. It probably works better if you have a fairly decent grasp of the French language (unfortunately mine is quite poor). But even if you don't understand a single word of what's being sung and recited, there's still Xenakis' unique and fascinating sound world.

Voyage absolu des Unari vers Andromède was created for the opening of an exhibition in the temple Kamejama Hontokuji in Himeji, Japan. It's a totally mindblowing aural trip and one of my favourite works by Xenakis.

As far as I can tell, this cd on Fractal Records is not exactly out of print, but somewhat difficult to get hold of.

Danielle Delorme, Francoise Xenakis, Philippe Bardy, Maxens Maylfort (recitation), Choeur de Radio France, Michel Tranchant (conductor) and two-reel magnetic tape realized at the CEMAMu, Paris


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