Gary Clail - five albums and a 12inch

Funny sometimes, how yesterday's cutting edge can become today's old hat. A case in point being some of Adrian Sherwood's 80s to mid-90s output, namely a large part of the dub and hiphop infused, industrial tinged kind of avant-funk he brewed up with the Tackhead posse. While I think that most of Sherwood's more rootical dub reggae and reggae influenced productions still hold up more than well, a large part of those avant-funk tracks on albums by Tackhead, Mark Stewart or - in this case - Gary Clail sounds a bit dated.

Still, about half the tunes on each Gary Clail album are absolute killers (tellingly, most of them are pretty dubby though), while the rest are at least highly interesting musical time capsules from (post-)Thatcherite Britain, fueled by the undeniable fire of Clail's ranting agit-prop speech-song. And Emotional Hooligan really is a great album, hands down.

Thanks a lot to nad22 for Dreamstealers, Emotional Hooligan and Escape!

Gary Clail's Tackhead Soundsystem - Tackhead Tape Time

Gary Clail & On-U Soundsystem - End Of The Century Party

Gary Clail & On-U Soundsystem - Dreamstealers

Gary Clail & On-U Soundsystem - Emotional Hooligan

Gary Clail & On-U Soundsystem - Escape 12inch

Gary Clail - Keep The Faith


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the repost of Dreamstealers, sure I will enjoy it once D/l complete

Anonymous said...

WoW ive just been humming some of this album whilst cutting my nans lawn! thanks great blog.

square dancer said...

Hi, thanks for the big up :-)

trollcrusher said...

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Hello ...

Thank you for uploading these various Gary Clail albums for everyone to enjoy. I have one request though, odd as it may seem, and that is I am trying to find a high quality image of both the front and back of the following album:

Gary Clail's Tackhead Sound System "Tackhead Tape Time".

The cover has an image of some type of DANGER warning sign, and the reverse has an image of a jet fighter pilot's helmet with some type of digital code reflected upon it.

Please point me in the right direction to obtain scans of this release -OR- if you have them, please email the scans / images to my email address below. Thank you for your time.

Take care,


Email: trollcrusher [ a t ] gmail [ d o t ] com

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