Sleeparchive live at Flex, Vienna

(Click on the picture to download.)

Since debuting with 2004's Elephant Island EP, Berlin based producer Roger Semsroth is responsible for some of the most impressive and amazingly unique minimal techno in recent years. Full of haunting echoes, crackles and bleeps, with austere and sparse rhythms and a crystal-clear and pristine overall construction, this is awesome stuff, even if you're not that much into techno!

This live-set at Vienna's Flex Club in January 2006 is a soundboard recording and boasts excellent sound quality.


XMP said...

this guy is a pro! he looks nearly unconscious and still performs beyond par. Excellent.

square dancer said...

Hehe! I was actually there and I really wasn't sure whether he was plastered or whether it's the way he always looks. I'm also quite fascinated by his apparent ├╝ber-geekiness.

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