Lee Perry - Excaliburman

(Click on the picture to download.)

Here's another one for today: a short (at 37 minutes), but sweet collection of prime Upsetter goodness from the seventies. Pretty obscure it is too, I'd imagine, at least I've never heard of the Seven Leaves label before or since, and there's hardly any reasonably useful information about this comp on the net. Anyway, here are nine tracks, six by the Upsetters or Lee Perry solo, the others produced by his wackiness at the Black Ark studio.
Here's a tracklist and a short comment by Mick Sleeper, the world's foremost authority in Upsetterology. If you like the classic Lee Perry sound (and/or some mighty fine rootical sounds), you're gonna love this one too.


chemicalmat said...

hi squaredancer !
very thank you for all the mathew jonson EP and nathan fake !
Why don't you post albums like that on your blog ?
You will improve ! (i don't know if it's english).
if you have a request, You can let a com on my blog. If you haven't it, this is my album list


Cheers and thank you again !

square dancer said...

You're very welcome. The Jonson EPs are from a very good forum, by the way (forum/touchmenot.net). Registration is in Russian, but it's not that hard to find your way around. Once you have registered, most is in English anyway.

The reason I don't put up records like these is that I'm only posting out of print music. Got to have at least some kind of concept, n'est-ce pas? ;-) But thanks for your offer, I will have a look at that list. Take care!

chemicalmat said...

OK square dancer
I know this forum, I have registered, but it doesn't work, when I log in, I arrive to a pink menu, i don't understand what is written, but I understand that he put "error".
i don't understand why, because it's my good username and password...
have you ever had the same problem?


chemicalmat said...

Re square dancer, It's good
I succeed to enter the forum


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