This is the heavy heavy monster sound! Relentlessly blaring, layered bass riffs, ear-splitting distortion, disorienting, splintering drums, pounding cyborg warrior-two step stomps - all the indgredients of classic techstep are firmly in place on No U-Turns first label compilation. It wouldn't be long before techstep turned into its own parody, full of clichés and corny angstiness. On this release from 1997 the sound was still fresh though and the trio of Ed Rush, Nico and DJ Trace handled it with malicious, skunked-out imagination. For better or for worse, No U-Turn proved to be hugely influential on the direction d'n'b would take in the following years (and don't even get me started on techstep's ugly children hard step and dark step). But this double-disc is the real deal: dirty, poisonous, corrosive alien-funk.

Disc 1
Disc 2


muse1453 said...

Much thanks and appreciation for Torque. It's a wicked collection of tech-step that I've been wanting for some time. I actually thought about requesting this here, but I was delighted to see Torque when I came to visit your blog. Best regards.

muse1453 said...

I meant to leave this for you. Remember when we were talking about Panacea's current work at my blog and you said you never heard anything from Panacea's Rich Kid alias. Here's one Rich Kid track along with a couple of other tracks. Sorry, it's the only Rich Kid track I have available at the moment. I downloaded it from the Ambush label website, but it's no longer there. Cheers.

Rich Kid/DJ Scud - untitled 12" (Ambush 10) [128 kbps]

Rich Kid - Rude Bimmer 4:03
DJ Scud - Badman Time 3:00
DJ Scud - Put Up Your Lighters 3:57


square dancer said...

Well, talk about synchonicity, eh? ;-) Yes, Torque is great. Although, if I'd be hard pressed I would say I slightly prefer Techsteppin'. Just love that otherworldly, cold mournfullness.

Thanks a lot for that 12inch! Will listen to it a bit later when I have the time and get back to you!

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It sounds excellent, a brutal and extraordinary rhythms.

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