Bernard Herrmann - The Day The Earth Stood Still

(Click on the picture to download.)

Lucky me! I downloaded this via bit torrent and was quite surprised that there are two bonus tracks which are not on the Arista-release still in print (though a bit hard to come by). So I did a quick research on the net and this is what Soundtrack Collector tells me:

"A 24K Gold CD, part of a limited 2500-copies LaserDisc box, contains additional 18 minutes of alternate Theremin mixes, studio rehersals and outtakes."

So this is obviously a real rarity. The bonus tracks are not really essential, but it's nice to have them anyway when, like me, you are 1. a somewhat anally retarded music geek, 2. a major fan of Bernard Herrmann's film scores and 3. a complete sucker for the theremin. In any case, "The Day The Earth Stood Still" is not only one of the best sci-fi scores ever, it is also simply a great record in its own right. So treat yourself to some theremin-drenched otherworldly eerieness!


muse1453 said...

Can't believe that there's no comments for this. Anyway, I'd say that (1) and (3) would describe me. I have to admit that I'm not too familiar with Mr. Herrmann's work other than Psycho and this soundtrack which I finally got around to listening. Wonderful stuff.
Thanks for sharing these eerie sounds of the theremin. I'm even glad I get a chance to listen to the bonus tracks. Take care.

square dancer said...

Hi, muse! Yep, strange that you're the first one to comment, 'cause it's the most popular upload on this blog by a mile. Since you like Psycho and Forbidden Planet, you should def. check out Vertigo (Sounds Of Champaign has it). I'll be posting some more Herrmann in the future, incl. the Fahrenheit 451 score.

Son of Incogneato said...

Great blog. Since yo mention it, do you have the OST to Forbidde Planet? I just bought a DVD of the film and watched (for the umpteenth time) with my wife, who had never even heard of it. Wee-ha! I read that they weren't allowed to call it music thanks to the Musicians Union fearing that electronic music would take over their market! Little did they know . . .

Son of Incogneato

square dancer said...


actually it should have said The Day The Earth... instead of Forbidden Planet in my answer to muse's comment. For some reason I always get those two titles mixed up.

But yeah, the soundtrack to Planet is pretty awesome. I have it, but didn't post it, cause you can already find it here on muse's fine Closet of Curiosities:


Very interesting detail about the union, btw. Thanks for your comment and all the best!

John said...

Does Anybody Have The Covers For Bernard Herrmann - The Day The Earth Stood Still.

square dancer said...

Sorry, don't have the artwork.

Anonymous said...

to John
The Day The Earth Stood Still
(2003 re-recording) @320 CBR
conducted by Joel McNeely

to square dancer

Anonymous said...

Exclusive tracks for this edition
19 - Alternate Theremin Mixes
20 - Studio Rehearsals & Outtakes

eda said...